Monthly Meetings

The beginning of 2021 will be like last year. We will have to determine if monthly meetings will be held in-person based on the company's ability to host in-person dinner's and based on the local ordinaces. The Board has been working closely with our sponsers of future meetings, and will keep you updated!

We will hold monthly meetings on the 3rd Thursday of each month, alternating restaurants so attendees on both ends of the beach will be able to participate.

Our 1st meeting of 2021 will be January 21st at Thoroughbreds at 6:30pm. Hosted by AstraZenica and presented by Dr. Michael Wert, discussing Breztri a triple therapy medication for COPD. 

March 18th Lombardo's 6:30 Keith Cooley with Zoll LifeVest RSVP to limit 20 participants


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